Updating M8S PRO+ S905X or not - beginner questions


I think, if you have previously booted you device to the sd card, you will not have to hold the reset button.

So, download, the img.gz file from the link, I then use rufus to create the sd card.

after creation, you will see the device tree folder, choose the correct device tree, copy to the root, then rename dtb.img

put sd card in tv box, turn on. initially you might need a keyboard, just in case the remote doesn’t work. follow the prompts, ie name, network, then reboot, you will then have “kodi”


downloaded the img.gz and found a 16gb ultra sd.
i am using OSX, are there any alternatives to rufus?

after creation… what do you mean with choose the right one?


Etcher, not sure if the libreelec creator works.

In the device tree folder, there are about a dozen dtb’s you need to choose the one for your device, based on your devices RAM size & LAN either gigbit or 100MB



i just created the sd card with the image. but i am not sure which device tree to choose.
Can you please tell me which dtb file i need to copy to root and rename to dtb.img?

how to proceed with this mentioned remote files?

thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:


Personally, I don’t know.Your device has 2GB RAM? & the LAN is 1Gbit or 100 Mb?

So, if you don’t get another answer, start with the ones that have 2G

You can try each one, to see which one works. You don’t need to create a new image each time, just overwrite the dtb each time.

as for the remote, I posted a link earlier, that had instructions



i will try the gxbb_p200_2G_100M


See my post.


so i took the Mecool M8S Pro+ 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g

and its booting.v

ver. 8.95…
and remote is working without trying the remote post.

now i am trying to use a backup which i created in the coreelex menue before installung the latest version. in order to use my old libary

will see if the works…


hmm booted, and then theres a splash screen saying
Addon Migration running … please wait

How long will this last?

Its running 20 min plus currently…

any help? wait or is there something wrong?


A similar situation happened to me where some package failed to download. There are few similar situations mentioned 8.95.5 release thread.

I would probably just reboot via SSH if it doesn’t seem to go further otherwise.


ok cut the power and started the box again.

kodi started with my old choosen skin AEON NOX and seems to work.

a notification popped up which says COREELEC update available.
how to handle this information?


Which version are you on now? 8.95.5 is the newest, maybe you had an old update from previously which you hadn’t installed.


its currently

how to get it easy updated?


Probably your update notification is for 8.95.5 which is the latest version. I would just reboot again and let it install. Hopefully you won’t get stuck at the addon migration process screen again. Keeping fingers crossed.


thanks to you all for your help.

did a reboot and update is done.

thanks so far.
all libs and settings seems also to be installed from the backup which i have stopped with a power cut off as well.

so saturday evening is secured :slight_smile:



my box updated to 8.95.6b and now the remote is not working correct.

how can i fix that? i downloaded your files and checked the sd card but i cant find any dir on the sd card to copy the files from your link.

Can you please help me?


I had the same probelm, you need to read the release notes

CoreELEC 8.95.6

CoreELEC 8.95.6 is now available and can be downloaded from our GitHub page here.



  • enable PVR archive features only on supported channels
  • re-enabled slide animations by default on Estuary theme
  • unified update images *
  • updated default IR keymaps **
  • updated mecool/wetek dvb driver


  • added option to disable auto bit depth and colourspace switching
  • re-added support for auto bit depth and colourspace switching


  • We have made significant changes to the CoreELEC buildroot with this release and as such if you are
    using CoreELEC on Odroid C2, LePotato or Khadas VIM1 you should update your installation with the
    S905 tar or if you are using the Khadas VIM2 you should use the S912 tar.

** Following these changes we have had to remove out of the box support for the following IR remotes,
A95X, MeCool, MINIX.

If you are using a device with one of the above IR remotes you can re-enable support by executing
the corresponding command below via SSH and rebooting.

echo "meson-ir * a95x" > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg
echo "meson-ir * mecool" > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg
echo "meson-ir * minix_neo" > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg


That means for me, connecting via ssh and use this command:

echo “meson-ir * mecool” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg


nothing else?


Yes, then reboot. it worked for me