Updating M8S PRO+ S905X or not - beginner questions

  • hello everyone,

im a beginner in using kodi on my android box.

currently i’m running:
CoreELEC 8.90.1
KODI 18 Leia Alpha

on a:
M8S PRO+ S905X 2GB-RAM & 16GB Flash
Os is on a Samsung 32GB microSD

I hope those provided informations can help you to tell me what to do, in order to get this system updated on a version which is stable and which makes sense.

Or should I stay on this setup?

Currently i am not able to use the remote control which was incl.
Currently I can only control the device via smartphone and iOS App.
What is ok currently - but remote would also be cool.
Please try to tell me simple instruction which can also a beginner understand

So questions:

  • should I update or stay on this setup?
  • when update - what and how.

Thanks in advance



Did you read this post NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester) to get the remote working?

In the builds there is a device tree folder, if you use the correct dtb, I think most boxes remotes work,

thanks for your help, but i am using corelec - any difference to libre?

He meant to say that you need to make sure that you’re using the correct CE device tree, from the SD card.

Yeah got it, just checked my SD card and i got no dirs on it. exüect a LOST.DIR.

any idea how to check the device tree in order to copy the mentioned remote files above`

when you create a fresh image, using the img.gz file, there will be a device trees folder, choose the correct device tree, copy it to the root, then rename it to dtb.img

attached you can see my current sd card.
guess i cant continue working with this base.

can you guys please help a beginner like me?

thanks so far in advance


You need to create a fresh image, try using a different sd or usb you will then see the devices tree folder

ok, let me try to search for a new different SD card.

one question before starting…

when i am creating a new image on a seperate sd card, can i still fall back on my old sd card, without losing my whole libary and settings?

just put the old sd card in and everything is working with the settings and libary which i am currently using?

Yes, that is why I said use a different sd or usb, need to be bigger than 8GB

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thanks mate so far, not common to get help as a beginner.

need to catch an sd card at work tomorrow, because i have non here.

can you please tell me how to prepare / start with my mentioned m8s pro device and the latest coreelec & kodi?

I think i am going to post again tomorrow evening

I think, if you have previously booted you device to the sd card, you will not have to hold the reset button.

So, download, the img.gz file from the link, I then use rufus to create the sd card.

after creation, you will see the device tree folder, choose the correct device tree, copy to the root, then rename dtb.img

put sd card in tv box, turn on. initially you might need a keyboard, just in case the remote doesn’t work. follow the prompts, ie name, network, then reboot, you will then have “kodi”

downloaded the img.gz and found a 16gb ultra sd.
i am using OSX, are there any alternatives to rufus?

after creation… what do you mean with choose the right one?

Etcher, not sure if the libreelec creator works.

In the device tree folder, there are about a dozen dtb’s you need to choose the one for your device, based on your devices RAM size & LAN either gigbit or 100MB


i just created the sd card with the image. but i am not sure which device tree to choose.
Can you please tell me which dtb file i need to copy to root and rename to dtb.img?

how to proceed with this mentioned remote files?

thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t know.Your device has 2GB RAM? & the LAN is 1Gbit or 100 Mb?

So, if you don’t get another answer, start with the ones that have 2G

You can try each one, to see which one works. You don’t need to create a new image each time, just overwrite the dtb each time.

as for the remote, I posted a link earlier, that had instructions

i will try the gxbb_p200_2G_100M

See my post.

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so i took the Mecool M8S Pro+ 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g

and its booting.v

ver. 8.95…
and remote is working without trying the remote post.

now i am trying to use a backup which i created in the coreelex menue before installung the latest version. in order to use my old libary

will see if the works…