Upgrade to 4k avr and almost everytime signal lost


on coreelec stable (n2+) im trying to watch 4k content which wasnt really working for HDR/10bit content on my Sony STR-DH590 but it was perfectly happy with 4k non HDR or SD content.

now with the same cable setup but a different avr (Yamaha RX-V6A) i was hoping for 4k HDR+ playback, but now even some of the SD content makes the TV say: Lost signal.
Connections are: N2+ → AVR (5.1 System) → TV (Samsung Neo Qled)

this is probably a AVR problem, just wanted to check in with you guys if coreelec could save settings that would make it incompatible with a different AVR that is technically newer?

kodi.log (69.6 KB)
dispinfo: http://ix.io/3UCR

EDIT: ssh to coreelec works, sound is playing for one movie i just tested, just no picture. playing play/pause on the remote pauses and plays the sound.

This for sure a AVR issue. Connect the CE device directly to the TV and use passthrough. Connect the AVR to the TV ARC HDMI port.