Upgrade TVHeadend

Hi All,
I want to know if its possible to use nighly build of TVheadend in CoreElec ?
I tried many times libreelec tvheadend nighly build for WETEK PLAY 2, without success.

If someone can help me ?


Yes, it’s possible, if you’re willing to compile your own.

Here’s how I did it:

Clone from github under your CoreELEC build directory. For me, this is ~/flatline/CoreELEC
I also symlinked “kodi-build” to the current build directory there (which for me currently) is build.CoreELEC-S905.aarch64-9.0-devel, ie:

git clone https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.hts.git
cd pvr.hts && mkdir build && cd build
PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=S905 ARCH=aarch64 ../../kodi-build/cmake-3.10.0/.x86_64-linux-gnu/bin/cmake -DADDONS_TO_BUILD=pvr.hts -DADDONS_SRC_PREFIX=../.. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../../kodi-build/kodi-eac2111/addons -DPACKAGE_ZIP=1 ../../kodi-build/kodi-eac2111/cmake/addons

It’ll build and you’ll have a shiny new TVHeadend client ready for packaging - If you’re looking for server, sorry, that’s something else and I apologize for wasting everyone’s time (I run the server separately on my NAS.)

EDIT: Updated for CE build


Many thanks.

pls make a Tvheadend 4.3 Server nigthly for the last Coreelec Nightlys (9.2)


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