Uppercase and lowercase letters

The problem is with coreelec reading names.

I will give an example of icons in pvr iptv simple

Channel Nane = Nasa TV UHD
Logo Name = NASA TV UHD.png - Windows ok, Coreelec no
Coreelec must have exactly the same Nasa TV UHD.png

it’s probably somehow contained in the code pvr iptv simple
Is there and will be a chance to improve it

Linux naming of files is case-sensitive.
You should also omit spaces in the names for proper compatibility.
Name your files correctly and there will be no problem. :wink:

never less work, always more!

That’s the fun part.

Linux is case sensitive whereas windows is not. In TV headend I manually renamed all the icons to lowercase. Are all your Icons stored locally? if so it maybe possible to run a bash script to scan the .m3u and rename your Icons accordingly.

yes, I have made resources.images.mylogo.default in addons folder
for this I have an outlet in the virables.xml patch location

I solved the problem in a less professional way
Name of channel



<texture background="true" fallback="homewidgets/DefaultMovies_landscape.png">$INFO[ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.mylogo.default/,.png]</texture>

now all channel names are large and .png names can also be large

but such a bash is a great idea!!!

maybe the addon with the settings
enter the location of the folder with the logo
scan pvr or other tv client

and this wonderful ** FreeCommander ** ** https: //freecommander.com/en/downloads/**
replaces file names with large, small, 1 large first name, second large second name, etc …