USB DVB-T tuners problems on suspend

I have recently run into a problem where my USB tuners behave correctly after reboot, but on suspend and wake up they lose signal and are unable to reconnect.
This is on 9.2.0 stable, CrazyCat drivers.

I have this problem with:
Hauppauge Dual Win TV (microUSB)
DVBSky T330 (USB3)

I believe they share the same silicon (edit Actually, they don’t. similar, but not the same) - not sure whether they need FW update on 9.2.0? They seem to behave ok w/o the firmware update. I do remember that for Pi2 I had to update FW for the Hauppauge.

I don’t think I saw this problem with Xbox tuner (which I had to ditch due to problem with dynamic PMT tables).

Any ideas? If anyone tells me how can I produce some logs, I will.