Use CoreELEC as ZeroTier hotspot

Hello there, I was wondering if there’s a way to use CoreELEC as ZeroTier hotspot. My goal is to be able to use moonlight streaming on a device that cannot run ZeroTier and use CE device as an hotspot. I was successfully able to install ZT on my CoreELEC and use Luna add-on to use moonlight through ZT on the CE device but I’m stuck at how to setup tethering on the ZT interface instead of physical eth0. Any clue? Thanks!

I don’t quite understand what you want to do. With zerotier there is no problem linking other home networks, that is, we can transparently ensure that any device connected to the zerotier network reaches any other device on a home network, even if it is not connected to zerotier, whether it is a local network or a remote network. In short, install zerotier on as many devices as you can (arm, rpi, pc, …).

In order for a device not connected to the zerotier network to reach a device on the zerotier network, we must be able to establish routing, and if you can modify the routes of this device, you will not have any problems installing zerotier either.

Although this article is already old and there are better ways to do things, you can start by reading this mini tutorial

Thanks for your reply…let me be more empirical:

I subscribed to a cloud computer service I use for gaming and the only way to connect with devices not supported by their official client is to use a 3rd party client (like Moonlight) + zerotier. The problem is that I would like to use my handheld console that has Moonlight but has no zerotier support. So I was thinking to use my tvbox with CoreELEC connected to zerotier as an hotspot that can allow my handheld console to connect to the cloud computer. The problem is that I have no clue on how to setup correctly the tether on CoreELEC and the routing on ZeroTier to make it work.

My CoreELEC home IP is and the ZeroTier auto-assign range is 172.29..

Thanks for your time.

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