Using CoreElec Settings- Network (only!) on Kodi Skin


Hope this is the right thread to ask.

Both Kodi and CoreElec Settings can be secured with a PIN.

However using the PIN exposes all the settings, with little granularity available under Kodi Settings, for instance.

What I want:
I would like to put a tag (WiFi- Net Settings) on one of the popular customizable skins like Aeon Nox or Arctic Zephyr 2 for CE 9.2.2, such that only the Network settings section ( for configuring WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet) is exposed.

This ensures that anyone at home can quickly configure the network without compromising the hard won myriad other settings.


How can this be accomplished?

Is there a general (easy) process without much coding to isolate other sections too, eg, first finding the complete path to such sections, then using a skin tag to click onto?

Maybe some advancedsettings.xml configuration, or just putting the path definition inside the Skin?