Using CoreElec's OS and run other GUI application

I see there is option to compile without Media center. I believe it will be just operating system without any GUI.

If I want to run my own GUI application, how should I proceed? Ideally PyQt but open for suggestions.


Shanti’s done that exact thing with EmuELEC.

Wow. This is very cool project.

What would be the first step to compile CE’s OS with any GUI framework, QT/PyQT etc?

There is no GUI infrastructure baked into CE so it would be a major task to bring it all back into play. Graphics are written straight to the framebuffer.

Surely Armbian would be a better starting point.


I am learning PyQT and I’d like to create my own IPTV player based on CoreElec OS. I’m sure it will be a major task but if you have some knowledge about what it takes to create IPTV player. I have looked and still not sure how to implement.

I thought using Corelec’s OS will be smarter path as it is constantly updated thanks to the community.

I have some experience in web back-end development and now wants to learn how to add QT framework to CoreElec’s JeOS. If anyone have suggestion for books to read or online courses to take, highly appreciated.