/usr/bin read only in the latest release?

Hi guys!

After the latest update of Coreelec (now I’m running 8.95.6) I can’t access anymore to write something in /usr/bin folder.

I need it because of a plugin I’m running. In the earlier releases I had no problem in writing it into that folder.

What should I do to have write access to that folder again?


AFAICT, a standard Linux rootfs is read and/or executable by any regular users and read/write and/or executable by root. If you login as a regular user, you can not write to a rootfs. Please list the root directory of /usr/bin, i.e. ls -la /usr/bin/. and post it here to show what the directory mode is.

/usr/bin was never writable, because it is stored in the read-only squashfs.
What exactly does you addon do and why does it need to write into this path?

Sorry, my big fault.

It wasn’t in usr/bin folder, but in another one (.kodi).

This thread can be closed, sorry again.