VC-1 seek problems

Running CoreELEC 8.90.5 on S905X and running brilliantly however noticed in recent release problems with seeking on VC-1 files. Did not have this in an earlier release.

File plays OK until I try to seek forward. I loose audio and then file stops.


Media Info

For this type of issues we need kodi debug log with component specific log for audio, video and a/v timing. Also video sample is welcome.

Thanks, hopefully this is the log which will assist. Sorry too big for pastebin

Any recommendations on the best software to cut a video sample from the main file?

Thanks again


3 minute sample


That looks like the whole episode and not just 3 minutes, please use mediafire or something that we can download from quicker.

That is just a 3 min clip from a my full 15gb blu rip. I can make a smaller 1min clip and try mediafire

Here is a 1 min clip

and the 3 min clip

Thanks guys.

I have same problem as well. file stop and Audio mute when I forward.

I tested your 1minute sample in CE 8.90.5 and I can’t find any issue. Skip forward, skip back, fast forward and rewind are working.

I have same problems in various files in my external hdd?

It happens when i press forward quickly 3 times in a row. I had increased my buffer size ages ago so ill try removing that when i get home. Happens with all my VC1 files i have tried.

I finally identified issue with this movies. There are only dts and missing pts. I have to fix seeking for dts only streams.

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Release 8.95 has fixed the VC1 seek issue. Thanks afl1 and CoreELEC team!