Version Coreelec for mecool km6 classic

Hi all.Can give me coreelec version for mecool km6 classic and tks!

Version 19.3+

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Amlogic S905X4 SoC does not support

Can send me link?

Really? I see this coreelec can be supported in more devices…

Link i found showed s905x3. That one should be fine. I don’t think the X4 is supported (yet)

The Mecool do not have CE support if the generic version with the dtb tree comes out with that device, if not nothing. The recommended devices for CE are Odroid and Banana pi m5, well some others but the Mecool 0 in CE support, neither do they have much support for android, there is an original firmware and little else, the rest are Rom that adapt to the hardware of These devices.

At the moment no compatible dtb tree amlogic S905X4, therefore it is wrong to buy a Mecool S905X4 for CE.

Because this mecool km6 has a faster chip processor than other mecool generations, so I just bought it. Thank you for sharing…So no hope to install coreelec for my device

Not for now, you have to be patient!

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I take the thread about the Mecool KM6 to ask if this device heats up and can it be used without a mini fan? Because for the price it has, it seems a bit expensive if it also gets hot, other Mecool boxes that just get to me, I had to do DIY open them. Thanks

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