Very Odd MX3 Issue

This is very weird, the “OK” button on my MX3 Airmouse failed the other day, so I took the easy option and ordered another one exactly the same which came yesterday. The first thing I discovered was the new MX3 won’t work with the dongle for the old MX3, swapped them over and everything worked fine except for powering on so I “cloned” the power button setting from my old MX3 to the new one thinking everything would work fine, it doesn’t. I don’t remember having to program the old MX3 at all, I think it worked straight out of the box.

I have spent the last few hours going through every guide I can find and nothing seems to fix the issue. Can anyone with a bit more experience of the MX3 shed any light on this?

You don’t give enough information about the circumstances to give an answer to your problem.

Remember that MX3 has two modes of operation. ‘Infrared’ mode (allows programming of keyboard codes) and ‘USB keyboard’ mode.

I think MX3 is an excellent remote.

PS.- I leave the MX3 manual here, read carefully how to pair the USB adapter and how to switch between the two modes of operation.

2.4G_Air_Mouse_Remote.pdf (906.9 KB)

Thanks for that, very similar to the one that came with the replacement MX3, for your info I am running it it in USB mode (though the infrared keyboard works fine)

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