Vfs.rar|libarchive broken with 8.95.4 and

These commits broke both the vfs.rar and vfs.libarchive addons:

WORKAROUND (vfs.rar):


<extension point="kodi.vfs" protocols="rar" extensions=".rar|.001|.cbr" files="true" directories="true" filedirectories="true" library_linux="vfs.rar.so.2.0.3"/>


<extension point="kodi.vfs" protocols="rar" extensions=".rar|.001|.cbr" files="true" directories="true" filedirectories="true" encodedhostname="true" library_linux="vfs.rar.so.2.0.3"/>

Is fixed in
vfs.rar 2.0.5
vfs.libarchive 1.0.3

Now it is up to the coreelec devs to integrate both in the next release.

Is there a way to integrate these changes manually?

is this working again with the new release ?

The addons have not been update. Addons will be updated in the 8.95.5 release.

In the mean time If you would like to test updated versions of these addons, I can compile them for you to test, so you can download and use the install from .zip option manually install them.

However, I can’t say how quickly I’ll be able to get to doing so.

I would appreciate that. Do you need information from my side? Such as what device I’m running?

No, the addons are not specific to a device. Every one of the amlogic based devices can use addons compiled for the others.

In fact the only reason for the different builds is because each device requires either a different boot loader, different video drivers or slightly different configuration then the others. Besides that the builds are pretty much the same. Basically just enough differences between devices that we can’t release one build for them all.

Here are updated versions of the two addons for you to test.

vfs.libarchive- (246.1 KB)
vfs.rar- (196.0 KB)

Please let me know if these work for you, or if there is any issues with the new versions.

Thanks! I just have to put these on the internal storage and then install addons from local file right?

Yes, that’s right.

It works! Thanks man!

Just to make sure the version that will make it into the next release works, can you try this as well.
vfs.libarchive- (246.1 KB)