Video Addons Slow to load

I have an Odroid N2 running CoreElec on a 16GB eMMC.
I’m finding that any video addons that are installed are very slow to load.
These are legit addons from Australia and the UK such as Optus Sport, iPlayerWWW, IPTV AU free view and other "pirate "ones such as ITV.
This is not the case with the same video addons installed on Ubuntu with Kodi Leia installed on a NUC. The NUC is old and on it’s last legs
Would like to know if it’s just me.

Can’t say about those specific addons you use but I have similar experiences on my system. Usually it is one addon that is working poorly or not working properly and it affects loading times of all the other addons. I usually disable a bunch of them, reboot and then I start enabling one by one and see which is causing the system degradation.

It’s usually the video addons but once it was even one of the official weather addons.


Will give that a go

Tried disabling addons but no difference
I eventually found the problem.
I have a Smart DNS and removing the settings and reverting back to DCHP all the local video addons now load quickly.
Of course the geoblocked addons no longer work.
Tried installing the DNS settings in the router but this did not help.
Does anyone know why this is the case as I have a smart tv and laptop with Kodi installed and neither have this problem.

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