Video boot animation not showing

Hello, I have a A95X F2 box. When I boot it on android it shows the A95X logo then starts a boot animation video. When I boot into CoreElec it only shows the logo, then after it I see an error message on screen: “mode not supported” for all the duration of the video, I guess, then it loads normally. I specify it’s an old samsung lcd tv, the resolution is 720p , I also tried the command: “fw_setenv hdmimode 720p60hz” but the video animation still doesn’t load on boot. Any chance to make it work? Or also disable it maybe? Thank you!

The boot animation you see while booting Android is a part of Android operating system on your box, and it’s not seen nor played when you boot CE. CE does not have any boot animation.

ok thanks, I thought it was in the bootloader. How come it remains for 15-20 seconds with the error “mode not supported” ? It doesn’t happen with my other boxes S905x and S905w . Any way to fix it?

That’s probably display error, your TV does not support initial screen resolution during boot time. Error stays until Kodi starts and sets the resolution of your choice. To fix it you have to set boot resolution to a supported one.
Look at this post for solution, and set a mode that your tv accepts.

I tried to set both 720p60hz and now the boot is much faster, also if I still see the “mode not supported” for some seconds. Much better than before though, thank you