Video Calibration wont stay after reboot

Hello !
, i have a H96 pro plus s912 3gig ram 32g rom , long time libreelec user kszaq Builds working fine but lack of support there now i decided to join coreelec , i am running 8.95.2 build.
Every time i calibrate video from settings to change subtitles position on every reboot it keeps reseting to default.
also after i do that most of the times my bluetooth adapter dissapears!
I also tried to change video calibration when i am actually playing my media and setting that as default but its going default again after a reboot! :frowning:
hardware pastebin
pastebin log.
i did a search on forum but didnt find a solution, i did everything people suggesting like change refresh rate to 50 or 59 or the just scan option on my lg tv (that fixes the edges) but what i really want is change the position of the subtitles to a higher position and that never works . never had this issue with libreelec on same box-tv setup .
dam subs getting me nuts! :smiley:
Edit: same happens my other box mecool m8s pro + s905x 2g ram won’t save subs position.