Video output not working when coreelec is powered on before screen

So this is a new issue to me since coreelec 19 arrived.

I guess I tried all version now (including rc).

Till 19.1rc4 I actually mostly got a pink(ish) or sometimes green(ish) picture. After the upgrade today (19.1) the screen stays black (no colours any more :rainbow:). The black actually comes from my core elec box (s905x3) otherwise my TV would show a no signal sign an turn off automatically.

I don’t remember any problems with coreelec versions prior 19 and have my tv/kodi setup since ever on a socket (and the x96 box is quicker turning on then the TV). It always worked in the past :tm:.


Found this snippet here from @crash

at it seems to does it’s job.

I wonder if coreelec couldn’t just have a setting to “force hdmi output” even if no screen is detected?

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