Video playback issue + test files

I’m unsure if this is the right place to post this.

I have vim3 and n2. In both devices, I noticed that often when playing full 1920x1080 videos (with no black bars), there is often a white blurry pixel popping on top, mostly on scene changes. It doesn’t happen on every video, but I noticed it on several ones so far.

I think it’s related to hardware acceleration, as it doesn’t happen when that’s turned off.

Here are a couple of screenshots I took with my phone:

If anyone likes to test it, I’ve made a small pack with the screenshots + mp4 from the phone + sample from the source file:

It’s hard to point to the exact time spots on the source file but it’s between 7s and 10s.
Video calibration on screen is 0,0 on top.

Add: Forgot to add this isn’t specific to current build or kernel. On N2 I noticed it on 9.2.1 and on vim on the new nightlies.

I couldn’t repeat that line on nightly builds…
Try to remove all calibration settings in kodi and select correct aspect ration only on TV.

Thanks for testing. What sort of TV you use?

I actually never calibrated Kodi. Both on N2 and Vim3 were default CE installs (Stable and Nightlies).
I only looked there to see if there could be some setting wrong there. I’m also not 100% Aspect ratio on TV I think is 1:1 or 16:9, same way it always was. When I turn off hw accel I don’t see those.

The workaround I use for now, is changing the top side calibration from 0,0 to 0,1. I do miss that pixel though :smiley: