Video playback

Hello Forum, I been running into an issue where I play a video say from Youtube or what ever Netflix the first video plays and maybe the second video I choose but the 3rd or next I select will not show on screen it just buffers or show me its playing something in the back ground and will not switch to full screen as the 1st or 2nd causing me to manually reboot and repeat process any suggestion I am using a T95N M8 mini pro+ and CE is installed to Internal Thanks

Please provide a debug log of your device while this is happening.


Can u post the solution? I am having the same problem.
Most of the time i can watch 2 video’s, after that i get a black screen en kodi keeps buffering.

I am using a tanix TX3 max and the latest stable version of coreelec.

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Kennywoo1966 please tell me what you did to solve your problem.

Okay, you decided to ignore my request for a debug log twice.
That’s fine, but don’t expect anyone here to help you, if you don’t provide any detailed information about your problem.