Video screen resolution not right after updating to 9.2.5


Today i’ve upgraded to the 9.2.5 for X96mini. Sinces then when i play a video, the screen increases by like 20%. If I click to bring up the bottom bar menu (pause, skip, settings, subs etc…) it’s cut off

When I stop the video, it switches back to the main Kodi screen and for a moment it’s too big then flickers and shrinks back to proper size.

I went to the video calibration screen, it’s set to correct for my display TV to 1280x720 and it’s exactly how it should be sized as i previosly calibrated.

Any ideas? Kodi menus is fine… only video playback is wrong.

You have two alternatives, the first is better than the second, but both work well:

1.- Adjust the geometry of the input on your TV and select only scan from HDMI

2.- Adjust in CoreELEC Settings-Interface-Skin-Zoom

Thanks for your response.

Playing with the input configuration on my television I got some improvement although still a part of the OSD was out and not visible. After experimenting with changing the refresh rate and recalibrating the display seems that I have solved the problem.

I ran into this same problem. After the update I would start a video and my screen would cut out and then it was overscan. If I stopped the video, it would blank out and be back to normal in the interface. I found out that the update must have enabled adjust display refresh rate in videos under the player settings. I turned this off and it fixed both my overscan and my screen cutting out when starting and stopping playback.

Thank you OTA!
Solved it !
i had same problem installing brand new Coreelec 9.2.5 kodi 18.9. :slightly_smiling_face:

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