Videos 4k60fps problem

Good morning I have a problem with 4k hdr60fps video playback on x96max 4/64. I pass you video. You know what it can be. They are some demos that I download from the internet and I put them on the skewer to the box that is connected to a sound bar and from there to the TV. I tried connecting only the x96max to the TV and it does the same to me. In android it works fine. It has to be something from coreelec version 9.2. In YouTube with 4k60fps videos I also have the same problem of stripes or flashes only in coreelec. I have put the same pendrive with the demos in a gt1 ultimate and it works fine

We are aware of this problem, it’s nothing new.
There’s a fix in the works for it.

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At least I know it’s not my box’s problem. Thank you