Videos not being marked as watched

SoC: S905X
Ce Version: 8.90.2

I noticed that after watching an episode of a show, it does not get marked as watched.
Thus my addon that checks for unwatched episodes, always tells me “previous episode is unwatched, play anyway or search trough show”.

This is not CE issue, possible your skin
Try to change to default skin and check if it works

I use default Estuary skin.
It’s weird: Now the next video played without the unwatched episodes addon to interfere.
But looking in the episodes list I don’t get the tick mark in front of the watched video.
I can tick it manually though.

I’ve also noticed this with installed addons.
Wheren’t there always tick marks in front of installed addons?..Or am I remembering this wrong?
They are not there anymore.

I’m using trakt. Watched in trakt isn’t working either. If you try to do it manually, Kodi sort of crashes… Tried Ce Version: 8.90.1, there it is working as expected.

Hahaha That’s amazing, I went to great efforts to remove those bloody ticks. If there’s more than one person that uses Kodi, I found them kinda counter-productive. Good to see that some find them useful :neutral_face:

forever alone :cry: :grin:

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This is a kodi related bug, things get broken upstream and is to be expected with alpha software.

We will only fix bugs related to CE ie the OS and hardware.

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Ok, understandable. Thx for clarification.

Haha I figure there probably is :rofl:
I meant in the same household, good pickup :+1: