VIM3 fan control

Sorry, I edit my post

Ran the script for a few hours while watching last night. Did not notice any sudden fan action. It stayed on those values most of the time:

CPU Temperatur “= “44”.”9°C
GPU Temperatur “= “46”.”3°C
CPU Temperatur “= “45”.”0°C
GPU Temperatur “= “47”.”3°C
CPU Temperatur “= “44”.”8°C
GPU Temperatur “= “46”.”1°C

Hello, i have installed the 3705 fan on khadas vim3 with coreelec OS, but it not work. How can i active it?

also bought the 3705 FAN… but its not working…
seems i2c-tools are not installed…

i can activate the Fan on Kodi… how this works without i2c-tools?
i want to use this on emuelec as well… :slight_smile:

i2c-tools are part of system-tools addon.

Maybe this could help too: service.coreelec.settings/ at coreelec-19 · CoreELEC/service.coreelec.settings · GitHub
seems it writes some values to /sys/class/fan nodes.

Ahh. CoolMaybe this works for emuelec… j

Yes it works…

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