VsyncOff constantly at 0.0

Hi, I’m new here. Just installed nightly on my X96 Air P2 that arrived today and it all works great except for the remote but I didn’t look into that yet.

What I noticed though is that VSyncOff is at 0.0 all the time, which according to Kodi Wiki is bad:


Indicates the offset between the vertical sync signal of the display and the timestamps of the video frames.

This offset is used for audio visual synchronisation.

If VSyncOff is greater than zero and constant, then synchronisation is all good.

If the value shows 0.0, the framerate (fps) of the video does not match the refresh rate (Hz) of the display which may cause micro-stuttering of the video, especially during panning shots.

Actually I can’t see any stutter so I’m wondering if I just shouldn’t bother for now. Also System Information is showing me that I’m at 1080@59,94 although I’m pretty sure it’s 23.976.

Same here. Always 0.0 but no problems, no stuttering.