Wake On Lan Missing!

I am running the latest version of CE-ng , viz 9.2.6

In the coreelec addon settings I just cant find the wake on lan option. Has this been removed? I can remember using it in a previous install. With the inject blob options etc. Just not there anymore. Whats the deal?

What box do you have?
Is inject BL301 enabled in setting? if yes than please make screenshot of hardware page and upload full log.


Its this box - S905X3 X96 Air but mine is the 10/100 LAN version with 2GB RAM

There is no inject blob or WOL option at all in CE settings. The first item in the hardware tab on my box is Display: VESA modes. There is no Power sub menu.

I removed a link in your message
Please upload screenshot of hardware tab and Full log as requested above

Internal LAN does not support WOL. Only devices including a RTL8211F do support it. That’s the reason it’s not visible

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