Wake up from standby IR remote not working

Hi everyone,

Recently I wanted to use the standby function on my Minix NEO U9-H (S912). I modified my sleep.conf and it works great. It goes on standby and wakes up fine.
However, after waking up, my IR remote does not work anymore until I reboot the device through ssh.
You would think it’s not a problem because I use my harmony through BT (which still works).
But as the IR doesn’t work anymore I’m unable to send it to standby a second time :slight_smile:

Is there some settings I forgot to change?
I really would like this standby functionality as it takes 1-2 seconds to wake up. My new TV starts up in 1 second and now I’m waiting 20-30 seconds for the Minix to come up :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: or which logs do I need to share so someone with more knowledge can help?