Want to run exlusively CE .should i update android/firmware first?

Hi .i dont see it mentioned anywhere, but is it recommended to update android version on box to newest version before installing CE .
Wheb reading the threads in here it seems many things in CE is still related to the “android world”. For example CEC implementation . Remote control support etc etc . And if the answer is yes , is the newest android version less buggy ,or should i run with stock android and install CE on top ?

You don’t need to update the Android if you don’t use it. Nothing related to it in CE.

Don’t bother updating Android. It’s a completely mess and there is a risk for bricking the device. Follow the installation guide and you should be able to install and use CoreELEC in just some minutes :slight_smile:

But to the best of my knowledge, also the bootloader, and u-boot is updated when you update the firmware of the device?

Is there a difference between updating the firmware and updating the android version. Or is it two of the same thing.

If you find it interesting you can read more about Android system architecture which will answer your questions and give better insight in example how the bootloader is connected to kernel, device tree overlays etc.

However, if you only want to use CoreELEC, don’t bother with Android. Setup everything by following the guide and you should be able to run CoreELEC the way it’s made for :slight_smile: In addition for better performance, setup How to boot from SD/USB using internal storage for data

Although I think that if you get a recent uboot from Android update it might be worth

Hi Ray,

So you agree that updating the firmware on the box in Android, if it can be found online off course, would in fact be able to have an impact on the CoreElec performance in regard to for example our vfd drivers, and buggy CEC implemention?

Yeah if there are uboot updates then yes. Worth a shot