Way to change the amount of time the menu is shown

Can anyone tell me if there a way to change the amount time before the video GUI disappears when watching a video?
I watch a lot of videos, but the play/pause menu at the bottom of the screen covers up the subtitles when I resume a paused video. It is annoying to lose part of the conversation while waiting for the menu to disappear. I would like to reduce the amount of time it is on the screen after I restart a video. I have been digging around in the settings menu, but if there is an option there I am clearly missing it.
Thanks in advanced.

You can try to edit your skin. How-To tutorials available.

The alternative is moving the location of your subtitles via Settings->System->Display->Calibration->Video Calibration (Make sure you’re using “expert” settings).

Either that or use the Unpause Jumpback Addon (https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Unpause_Jumpback)