Webgrab+ v.3.0 for Coreelec

I would like to ask if possible to install latest version of webgrab+ v3.0 to coreelec 9.2.1?

Last I knew the whole Webgrab+ addon was depricated as was MONO on which it depended. Its possible to get in running in docker I think.

I personally have found that the services offered natively in TVHeadend are just as good \and at one time I used to swear by Webgrab+


Why actually do you need to install the latest version of Webgrab 3.0?You need this particular version or just need a working Webgrab for CoreELEC? If is the second one, you can install it by docker or just check Thoradia repository. I think that I’ve seen Webgrab in there.

I need new version, because iam using ini files from donators section of webgrab, minimum requested version for .ini is 2.1.9 but is impossible download this version is no longer supported. Only v 3.0.

After studying the material about DOCKER I successfully launched webgrab++ under the docker, automatically launched container when the TVbox is turned on or restarted, the exported file associated with tvheadend and wg3-cron set to run automatically.
Thanks for advice


Only one thing I would like to ask. Can I set with wg3-cron autmatically update siteini.pack or not?

Now it works in wg3-cron. I tried to remove few folders from siteini.pack before update with cron, and after update removed folders exists again - only accuracy test.
SiteIni.Pack.Update.sh is saved in volume folder - /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.system.docker/docker/volumes/a9f9ac3b32094c77192993c59bde60e50be285dcc32744fb85eca0bc204868f0/_data
but for docker is this volume folder like config folder, I think. If I’m wrong then fix me.

Webgrab+ means losing many hours not only for the installation, but above all for maintaining the settings of this application every time the format of the websites it feeds on changes, which happens very often. Webgrab+ should be the last resort to use when there is no other way to get EPG.

For my country doesnt exists such a “prepared” epg file. Webgrab+ is great and customizable tool, which can scan only your channels. Website, from which I parsing doesnt changed for years when I configure it, and works still great till now. Great is also mapping one epg program to more programs on TVH (for example HD, SD, another provider etc.).

Also, this convienient way save tuner to ping muxes one by one all the time, to get updated program OTA…

I certainly doesnt say its last resort. Its great tool, when “someone” doesnt prepare program for you…

The biggest advantage of the whole project - independence. I don’t wanna to be addicted to someone who creates epg, maybe with mistakes or…
Maybe it will help someone know that it can be done and it works