Weird Bluetooth issue Odriod N2

Hey! So I’ve been having a very hard time setting up Bluetooth with my Odriod N2, I ordered a USB Bluetooth Module 2 so I could connect my headphones at night …It recognized the headphones straight away and even worked for awhile. Now it will connect but no sound comes out. Also after about 5 min I loose CEC control to the remote I have programmed …and only when I disconnect Bluetooth I get function back , Also when I connect BT my entire coreelec almost freezes and acts sluggish… I’ve tried multiple USB spots , tried multiple headphones I can’t figure out what is going on. Any info or test I could try would be greatly appreciated.

Okay so I came up with a solution , it’s Coreelec , switched to different images and works in all those . Thanks for help :slight_smile: