Wetek Hub - Coreelec Performance issues due to overheating?

Hello everyone,

first post, so I hope I’m in the right sub and all.

I bought a used Wetek Hub to use as my home entertainment player. Strictly playback from my NAS (1080p) & a few streaming addons, so a not too demanding task.

I setup Coreelec on a microsd (a bit older Sandisk, so probably not the best one around) and added my library (roughly (!) 50 TV shows & 300 movies), switched to Estuary Mod V2 skin and configured it.

Playback seems to work fine (not thoroughly tested), but when scrolling through the library I get freezes of about 30 seconds every minutes and had a few freezes where only a hard reboot helped. That was all while scrolling through the library. Then I noticed the hub warmed up quite a bit.

Therefore I ask myself if the Hub is not cut out to perform on a level which I would need, overheats and therefore freezes?

Setup is:
Hub connected via lan, using NFS to stream my files from a Synology Diskstation, HDMI to receiverv.

Any thoughts?

Greets & thanks in advance for any help

I’m using a Wetek Hub on several TVs in the company I work at and I can confirm, that it is running flawless without any hickups or freezes (up to 4K resolution).
It gets a bit warm over time, but never too hot.

Do you have the same problem when using the default Estuary skin (that’s what I’m using)?
During the first time you are scrolling thru your library, the thumbnail pictures for your covers are being generated, which is a very CPU intense task. Or do you see this behavior every time you scroll thru the same movies?

Unfortunately yes, especially with tv shows, there it’ll crash almost every time.

Playback is awesome though.

But I guess I can try to go back to Estuary normal and go through the libraries one at a time and then reboot to see if that helps!

Yeah, try that and let us know.
If it also happens in Estuary (and without a bunch of addons installed), it could be a hardware issue.
Maybe you could provide a debug log, if it still crashes for you.