Wetek sleep.conf

i am using ce 9.2.1 on wetek hub and wetek play 2.
I activated sleep mode by editing the sleep.conf.sample file:
HibernateMode = false
now I can pause the 2 weteks but I can’t reactivate them. to switch on I have to disconnect and reconnect the power supply.
ir remote controls do not allow me to switch on again … what can i do?

can anyone help me with this problem?

I have been testing for two days but nothing. If I activate the suspension instead of turning it off, in the energy saving menu, the weteks go into suspension,the remote controls become unusable, then to reactivate them I have to turn off and on again.

I have noticed that it is precisely the sleep mode that does not go in my wetek devices. If from the on and off menu, I press on suspend, then I cannot reactivate in any way. I can only disconnect and restore power.

no one can tell me how can i wake wetek after spleep?

It’s not possible with older devices, it’s a bootloader related issue.

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Thanks for the reply.
Can’t I edit the wetek bootloader?

can’t even use sleep with an older version of coreelec?

We have a method for modifying the section of the bootloader that is responsible for sleep/wake but it’s not compatible with older devices.