What box to buy for CoreELEC in 2022? (no premium streaming apps needed)

Hi guys!
I currently use OSMC on Raspberry pi3 but this hw is not powerful enough for some of the current video media types. So I want to replace it. I do not want any of those streaming platforms like netflix, hbo, etc… I want to play videos from my local NAS and stream videos via certain addons in KODI.

I was already thinking for buying either Raspberry Pi4b but it can cost ~100 EUR (including power supply, box, sd card) and I am not sure whether this HW is an optimal one for KODI, or Vero 4k+ which would be most likely an option for me as it supports “all current video formats” and is well supported but it costs ~130 EUR, what is a bit more than I expected to spend.

Do you have some recommendation for a currently available well supported box with gigabit ethernet which would “just work” with CoreELEC with no or minimal issues?

Maybe use the search… already a couple topics about it…
Well my recom, is Odroid N2+, good hardware and nicely maintained by the CE team…
Also take a look over at https://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=112
Oh and CE is only for amalogic proc…

HK Odroid C4 - search for resellers in EU, 2 years warranty, SD card enough for running. Some of them have bundles (SBC+power source+case) and you can get a good price.

best CE boxes :crazy_face:

CoreELEC development status lists board and SoC that currently work (or mostly work) with CE. For generic devices: YMMV.

I am unable to SSH at the moment so it looks like I will have to give up on the Magicsee N5 Max as unsuitable for CoreELEC 19 Matrix and wait until a fix is possibly found.

So may I ask folk what easily available box do others suggest to use for Coreelec Matrix?? I need a 4GB S905X3 box with 32GB or more of memory, at least one USB3 port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Currently the safest and very good powerful box is the Beelink GT King series with the high spec S922 processor, but it is twice the price of the S905X3 boxes and I do not like the fact it has no front panel display which I find useful to at least know the box is on without having to get up and look at the top of the box lit up skull logo. Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks for all the help past and present on this forum.

Use the search option at the top of the page. This topic has been covered ad nauseam.

I appreciate what you say but I have done that and it is mostly out of date info. I wanted to hear from folks now using the latest CoreELEC Matrix stable builds. The Magicsee N5 Max seems a reasonably good budget box but the WiFi and I gather BT do not work. The H96 X3 is another box I have seen mentioned so how is this working now with folk who have that box.??

I currently have a Tanix TX5 Deluxe S905X3 box which is just perfect but is unavailable now which is sad as certainly IMHO the very very best budget box I have ever owned. I need easily available budget boxes to advise my many friends as to which box to buy TODAY for use with CorfeELEC Matrix.

For CoreELEC -ng, Team CoreELEC recommends a device with at minimum a Second Generation SoC S9.

Our development cycle shows which boards and SoC are currently reported to be working with CoreELEC Generic.

I suggest odroid N2(+). In love with it!

If you need only CE for movies, music, pics, some DRM streaming, Odroid C4 should be enough. Odroid HC4 is a great choice if you want a NAS and a player. VIM3L is also ok, Radxa Zero looks fine.

But, yeah! N2+ is the Mercedes of the SBCs, so if you want power and other stuff, buy it!

All goes down eventually at how much are you willing to spend :wink:

Agreed (and actually what i do with any room except the livingroom :wink: )

It´s the Porsche of the SBCs

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We really should get a handle on all these “What box to buy” threads.
We are not sales personal. Please make your own decision. As suggested we have a wiki and also there are plenty of threads. Maybe we can sticky one of them.
But there is not a box that fits all. A lot of people suggest the N2 (me included) but some want a “box” not an SBC. I haven’t seen a “box” I can recommend yet.

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I need to purchase some hardware for a friend to use to just play movies via plex. The plex server is remote and no transcoding just direct playing 1080p.

Will need WiFi too. So I was thinking of an Odroid C4 with a USB WiFi Dongle. Or, is there a better cheaper option?

I live in Australia so if it’s available locally that will be a bonus.