What Device / CPU to go with?


I´m actually running latest official Coreelec on my nearly 3 years old 50 Euro Android box with S905X CPU.

Now i am thinking about buying a new device but i am really not sure with which device to go?

Odroid C4, N2 or again a cheap Android box?

I´m not sure about the benefits a new box would bring.

I am usually streaming my stuff from my unraid sever using emby as media server and coreelec for playback using emby,

4K and HDR is working well and also hyperion.ng with WLED.

I would really appreciate any recommendation. :wink:



This has been discussed so m,any times before. A bit of searching the forum would answer all your questions without people repeating themselves.


I know but did not find anything that answeres my dedicated question :wink:

Try a new search.
The question about which device is asked weekly and answered many times.

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k k k

i guess u got me … :wink:

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