What do you love/hate about CoreELEC?


I wish CoreELEC was a linux distro like Arch :slight_smile:
I would love to see Fluxbox or XFCE running on our devices


There’s an obvious thing to say about Coreelec. I didn’t follow all the ins and outs of what went on over at Libreelec, but I do feel that those of us owning amlogic devices would have been sort of left in the lurch if the Coreelec team had not taken the steps that they did take. Not that anybody owes us anything, but having jumped down the amlogic route, it’s good to feel that there is ongoing work that will keep us up to date.


New user here and I love the idea that AML folks are supported - still don’t get why the LE folks dumped it.

Biggest headache is perhaps the ease of finding stuff (even similar) stuff across the forum .

Our use of keywords could be better and maybe find a way to enforce keyword usage to help narrow down stuff on searches. I’ve been all over the place chasing stuff down… some of it red herrings .

Overall layout of the forum is good - does it have Tapatalk support ? I didn’t find it if it does.

And kudos to all the devs and others who support this.

Due to issues with the network card I haven’t yet got it fully up and working but I know it will get there…


I Love CoreElec! I have big respect for your work and time for this project.

The MP3/Music section is realy confused, but this is a Kodi thing or?
On PC i use Winamp ever :wink: i like it simple.

And the options section, is a bit to simple. i wont more information, over the functions.
Or give it a detailed FAQ over this?

Anytime Coreelec says new Update, im so happy :slight_smile:

Ahh i forget; im a stats junkie hehe. i miss the old Info on top running the screnn if you look a movie, it show´s info CPU usage, RAM, Audio, FPS, Codec etc. its gone?


Directory listings can take minutes in Kodi where ls is instant. Can we suppress statx for certain folders or something else to speed this up? I don’t really understand why raw file browsing is so slow.



I must admit my initial impressions couple weeks ago were wrong- having read through wrxtasy and balbes150 and other threads on LE, plus the v8.95.0 impressive features list, CE progress is commendable.

CoreElec is now the go-to JeOS for mass market Amlogic boxes !

  1. In particular given this is a S905* friendly Kodi 18 beta1 release, this solves my problem- HLS live streaming isn’t supported in Kodi 17.6 but in Kodi 18 alpha 3. So beta should be OK too !

  2. If I only do 720p do I need to worry about dirty regions, smooth GUI and other hardware v. software acceleration settings, or would defaults do the job?

  3. Great to see installtointernal retained and enhanced- I still don’t get why LE took it out ( per chewitt Feb 2018 thread saying so at LE.)

  4. Does PVR Simple Client work fine? Saw some earlier warning remarks.

How about iVue2/Renegade TV Guides?

  1. What major add-ons “don’t work” per above remark, if you can elaborate a bit?

  2. I am assuming Dockers will run fine.

Just a shame Pi-hole had to switch from the 5MB Alpine base (due to musl incompatibilities) to the 130MB Debian base.

  1. The IR remote.conf onboard directory idea is great as well as the PDF guide. Couldn’t find @Poida mobaXterm guide post, though.

Do we still have the remote.conf issues with installtointernal? Or the original Android /system/etc file remains intact and not overwritten?

  1. What is nougat kzsaq v LE kzsaq?

  2. I know OE/LE don’t have package managers. And OSMC is Vero4K only.

Any plans for some minimal package manager?

  1. Is there a rootfs ext4 version for faster speeds, still stable?


There is a package manager: https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/what-is-entware-and-how-to-install-uninstall-it/1149


CE doesn’t use remote.conf at all :thinking:



Sorry :japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin: I read through the threads but didn’t earlier notice the file configuration has changed.

What I mean is: do we still have IR remote incompatibility issues, and does internal eMMC install to replace AndroidOS avoid them?



Vow ! CE rocks :sunglasses::sunglasses:
I was also thinking of an OpenWrt style package manager.

Has anyone tried it? My main thing is to install networking/routing packs like LuCI GUI and dnsmasq (replaces Pi-hole for DNS, DHCP and DNS block) + cake-sqm QoS.

So Docker isn’t needed either. It is whacky given its mostly Debian VM like base rather than the target Alpine base, and doesn’t have much ARM support. Above packs really should be in the host OS.


Slow file-manager/whatever browsing. Its like Kodi wants to show the dumb animation which takes 1s even if the request takes 0.1ms
runs kodi as root, cant we please switch this to user kodi instead?
Lacks a package manager, ro /, cant we use pacman or apk or whatever?

DTS and audio passthrough, smooth video playback, Leia with games.



audio pass through, stability, snappy menus, stability, emulation, did i mention stability?

hate (hate is a bit strong IMO, more like minor irk)

no browser support, having to boot back to droid to use Chrome…

Lack of of reliable cross-platform archive support (many (but not all) movies scanned in to my shared MySQL library on windows / android device don’t work (file not found) in coreelec (i have vfs for archive and rar addons installed in coreelec - coreelec adds these movies a second time when i scan for new content / update library, the original library entry gives file not found and the new entry made by coreelec, some play, some don’t) similar applies in reverse - archive files added by coreelec are not recognized in win or droid.