What is Entware and How to Install/Uninstall it?

> What is Entware?
Entware is a package manager that we added support for in CoreELEC.

It is a modern alternative to Optware and was originally designed for use on OpenWRT but has been adapted for use on other distributions, it is similar to apt/yum/pacman in that it will allow you to install over 2000+ Linux applications, no longer will you have to use docker or hacky addons.

> How do I install Entware?
We do not package Entware with our images but we have added a script to enable you install it.

To get started with Entware, SSH to your device and enter installentware, reboot when prompted and opkg will be available when your device is back up and running.

> How do I uninstall Entware?
If you decide you would like to uninstall Entware or start from scratch with it, SSH to your device and enter rm -rf /opt/* and reboot, to reinstall Entware again then follow the instructions above after your device has rebooted.

> Further Help
Support from the CoreELEC team will be minimal for any Entware related issues as our focus is primarily on Kodi, this section has been added so users can help each other.