What's powering off my device?


N2 running the latest coreELEC release, connected to a oldish Panasonic 4k TV.

Not a fan of CEC but forced to use it because there’s no support of my sound bar in the harmony database so using CEC to power on and off my soundbar.

I’ve disabled CEC in coreELEC and disabled it in the config.sys file but my N2 is still powering off when turning the TV off via my harmony remote.
I don’t think it’s the remote turning off the N2 as when I go to devices on the remote and press power toggle it doesn’t turn off the N2.

Would anything be in the logs stating the reason for last shutdown?

Using the same Model harmony remote doesn’t shut of my main N2 downstairs connected to a 2020 LG CX.


v9.2 or v19? Latest release is not latest release.

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