Whats the scheme for remotes on 8.90.2

Just loaded 8.90.2 and had no issues on first boot. Everything seems to be working fine.
However the response of my remote has changed again with some keys simply not working. They don’t seem to respond to Keymap editor either. I know this has had some revisions in this build but I am failing to see the logic to those changes.
Whats the scheme driving the IR_KEYTABLES at this stage and is Lirc still involved ? A bit of background would help in setting things up.


What buttons have a problem?
Instruction and example are here:

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FAV and INFO are definately not working for me and I can’t seem to get the red button on my remote to accept language switching. EPG was mapped to KEY_EPG which didn’t work, but it does when mapped to KEY_E. However neither KEY_INFO or KEY_I work for information, which by the logic of the EPG is strange.
I would like to understand what changed, I had it working on the last Libreelec build and then the first Coreelec and they all should have been following basic IR_KEYTABLE protocols so should all have worked roughly the same. What was broken and how was it fixed, did it revert back to how it was on the last Libreelec build ?

Just to state, my VIM2 remote is almost all working - it just has a few lingering things wrong. I would like to try to understand why so that I can fix them myself.

I have been using IR_KEYTABLES for a few years at this stage, but the latest implementation on AML seems to vary in many ways from the old one I ran on my PC Libreelec system.


There were a changes in kodi for keys assigning.
There are only this actions available for remote mode: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master/xbmc/input/IRTranslator.cpp#L175
Looks like your remote works in keyboard mode, for keyboard mode you need to use keyboard shortcuts like KEY_G, KEY_E and etc for not working functions:
This are examples for my X92 remote for different mode and reassigning of functionality
X92_keyboard.zip (2.1 KB)
X92_remote.zip (1.9 KB)

And also default keymap for remote:
Default keymap for keyboard:

OK thanks, will try some experiments in a few days.


I want to map the red button on my remote to the ‘O’-key to get the codec-info during playback.of a movie.

When I test the red key with irw, it seems to be mapped to KEY_O (as defined in my file rc_keymaps/remote:

CoreELEC:~ # systemctl stop kodi
CoreELEC:~ # irw
18 0 KEY_O devinput

But nothing happens when pressing the red-button during movie-playback.
Any hints?

Looks like you remote works in remote mode
just assign as button KEY_RED and configure <red>PlayerProcessInfo</red> in remote.xml

See X92 remote example

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@boot2k3: thanks a lot, that worked.

OK so I did some experiments.
I managed to get most things functioning by mapping the keys to Kodi KEYBOARD codes (ie KEY_I for INFO, etc).
What I am left with is the colour keys are still coming off ir-keytable -t with:

942.240072: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10a
942.240072: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_RED(0x018e)
942.240072: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
942.350035: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10a
942.350035: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
942.600020: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_RED(0x018e)
942.600020: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
944.020040: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x14d
944.020040: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_GREEN(0x018f)
944.020040: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
944.130046: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x14d
944.130046: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
944.240035: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x14d
944.240035: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
944.490025: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_GREEN(0x018f)
944.490025: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
945.810047: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10e
945.810047: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_YELLOW(0x0190)
945.810047: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
945.920033: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10e
945.920033: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
946.030030: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10e
946.030030: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
946.280024: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_YELLOW(0x0190)
946.280024: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
946.810045: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10c
946.810045: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_T(0x0014)
946.810045: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
946.920036: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x10c
946.920036: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
947.170021: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_T(0x0014)
947.170021: event type EV_SYN(0x00).

As you will see each produces the KEY_colour output, apart from BLUE which has a direct mapping to Kodi keyboard code “T” which switches off/on the subtitles as expected.

I cannot get the Keymap editor to accept a reallocation of KEY_RED to change stream language. When I manually add


to gen.xml in keymap it doesn’t work either.

I can only assume that I am missing something obvious here. I would allocate different keyboard values to the colour keys but Kodi seems to have all the available ones used up.


Looks like they(kodi) removed this color functionality for keyboard mode, in remote mode they work
You can assign it for any different key and change it action
P.S.: For video already default action <up mod="longpress">AudioNextLanguage</up>

Do you know where the preformed remote files are so that I can compare how they configured the VIM2 remote in the default configuration.


But this is for remote mode

OK I have managed to get the function I want but in a round about way.
It seems that some keys simply will not map to an ir-keytable event no matter what I do.

First to say that I have disabled LIRC since this interferes with many of the keyboard mappings in an undesirable way. I get better result with direct keyboard mapping this way.

Remote key “0” refuses to accept a mapping whatever I do.
Favorites similarly doesn’t map to an event - but it does trigger FAVORITES, so I mapped it to KEY_5 and again used keymap editor to trigger the event.

I got the RED key to map to “changelanguage” by getting ir-keymap to trigger KEY_1 and then I used keymap editor to map this to the function.

Its a bit of a mess at the moment, and I just hope they stop “tweaking” it and let it settle down. Had to do quite a bit of work at every major release to get what I want from my remote.