Where do I start, oh wise ones?

I have been skimming through posts but hoping there is some place I can find tutorials or a Wiki. I’ve burned a CoreElec image onto internal eMMC, and am looking to see what extras might be out there. I read that CoreElec has a repository. Is that separate from a Kodi repo? Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks for any suggestions.

If you have already installed CE, then browse through the CE addon repo.

Are there any types of extras you are looking for?

Additional to what @bubblegum57 already said, you can find a big question mark on top of this forum. This is linked to our How-Tos section, which includes a lot of useful things.

Thanks guys/gals. What was confusing me about the repos was I thought I was supposed to access them via ssh… more like ubuntu. Realized today that it is within Kodi.

You must be some kind of Jedi.

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