Which affordable S905X3 box?

I got my TX3 4/32 version but i just can’t get CE to boot on it. No matter which generic DTB I use and not from USB nor SD card. I managed to flash ATV from SlimBox which works kinda ok with Android Kodi but I was hoping to use it with CE or dual boot.

Other people here said it worked for them but somehow doesn’t for me.

I think you need the ng version. (perhaps you used these)

I assume you pressed the reset switch when booting.

I did use the NG version but I didn’t do the reset button press… It’s the way to do this now? How did I miss this…

So just get CE on USB and then reboot while holding the reset switch?

yes, release when you start to see it boot

about 10 secs

Very much appreciated your help. Will try this later on today.

Hey CoreELEC lovers and enthusiasts!

After researching and scrolling through this forum for a while I decided to post my first question on here as I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I’m looking for a box with a S905X3 (ARM Cortex A55) chip and has the following features:
• Bluetooth - As I want to connect it to my earphones
• WiFi - I’m thinking about using WiFi because using an Ethernet cable is not very convenient in my case
• Remote - I want the remote to work so that I can turn it on and off with it
• HDR - preferably HDR support
• official support - as in that the name/model of the box is in the list of supported devices. This is because I want to spend as little as possible on tweaking the settings for things to work.

Is there a cheap “Chinese” box that meet my requirements?

Thank you in advance!

Just received one of these and I think it’s OK although I haven’t tried BT yet. I was concerned it was overheating but it might have been something else, like connecting over Samba that was causing issues. Worth a look at. I go the jungle route (a certain massive seller) but you can get them cheaper elsewhere. Going jungle means you can return it if it doesn’t function correctly for for you.

Playback is pretty fluent on this device and any judder is almost certainly due to the poor/sloppy encoding of files.

Android TV BOX, T95 MAX+ Android 9.0 TV BOX 4GB RAM/32GB ROM Amlogic S905X Quad-Core Support 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz WiFi 8K HDMI DLNA 3D Smart TV BOX

System Config
CPU: Amlogic S905X3 Quad core cortex-A55

Main Features
OS: Android 9.0
WIFI: 2.4G+5G+Bluetooth4.0
LAN: Ethernet:Standard 10/100M RJ-45
3D: Hardware 3D graphics acceleration

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Hi @eno and welcome to the forum.

All of your requirements are met with any product really but with it comes to:

official support - as in that the name/model of the box is in the list of supported devices. This is because I want to spend as little as possible on tweaking the settings for things to work.

Then I would say no really, especially on many no name, cheap boxes (definition of cheap will vary from person to person though).

Some manufacturers will make their marketing convincing enough to make you think that ongoing support is competent but realities often fall far short.

So you might have to pay more for to get a better supported product and I’m sure that others will give their thoughts on which ones do have the better vendor support.

But, there are a raft of third party, unpaid and unbiased developers that take some of the crap software/firmware that manufacturers churn out and fix many of the bugs and annoyances.

With regards to CoreELEC then as you will find by researching these forums that a great many devices are supported and thousands of very happy users, so your choice will likely be quite wide.

If Android is also a priority for you then I would recommend searching through the forums over at Freaktab, where you will find more info about which boxes are popular and best supported from an Android perspective.

All I’m going to say is that if my current adventure doesn’t work out I’ll just buy a Beelink GT King! Three times the price but tens times less hassle with the bonus of support if you get really stuck.

Hey not that this place isn’t great but as with a cheap box I bought the other day if the developers don’t have the box themselves it makes things much more difficult to get things working.

Happy hunting! :upside_down_face:

Why not getting a C4?

It´s to easy.
Better buy a cheap “Chinese” box and have a lot of trouble and wasting a lot of time to get CE work, Power-ON/OFF, BT, WiFi, thermal heatings etc. etc.
I will never understand.

C4 is cheaper iirc. But people like those boxes for reasons I can’t understand. SBC is more value imho.

The C4 is a great box, but it has no Bluetooth and Wifi on board (but GigaBit-LAN and 4x USB3-ports). No problem to add with external USB-adapters, of course…
And by default it is not shipped with a remote. Maybe a “normal” unexperienced user don’t want to be bothered to have a look at this seperately…

I use the minix a2 remote -> perfect !

Thank you for your recommendation of the T95 Max Plus. I’ll look into it. But as you said, you’re experiencing some issues with regards to getting everything to work. So I’ll look further and see what the best option is for me. I also hope you find the right one for yourself!

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There are a certain limited range of Chinese boxes which just work with CE, take for example the X96Air. Of course there is always the possibility that the internals will be revised unexpectedly and this will no longer be the case.
Consistency of product is the real advantage products like the C4.


Well mine is all setup and I did order another which I’ve since cancelled! This unit, T95Max+ is OK once setup but does overheat a bit. Perhaps a few holes drilled in the top of the casing will be enough to keep it cool but obviously most people are noting going to want the hassle and stress of sooo much mucking about. For the record I did get suspend to work so that should help keep the temps down but in prolonged use overheating will always be a problem. And in truth any unit if worked hard will overheat and become glitchy and random.

As said before buying something like a Beelink or SBC should always be the first choice but if money]s tight then…
…well as they say you get what you pay for. I’ll stick with this box but probably won’t buy a second and might invest in a Beelink GT king, perhaps as they are expensive.

EDIT: For anybody trying this box perhaps avoid the VFD file floating around as this seems to be causing me problems i.e. no sound, no wifi etc. Maybe it’s coincidence so will try it again in a few days once I’m confident my box is running smoothly, err, and not hot!

I don’t think the GT_king will be immune to overheating. The Odroid products are about the only ones out there that take thermals seriously.


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Very true about Odroid taking thermals seriously and it does seem as if the C4 is more physically stable overall than the N2.

If only this kind of serious approach was reflected in their own warranty periods too though.