❓ Which DTB do I use?

Move on and get a new up to date class SD Card.
Not worth messing with this SD Card trying to repair it.

H96-P Projector 2Gb/16Gb - S905X
Working wifi, bt and ethernet with the latest nightly 02/04/20

i have bought a android box name Freesat GTC Amlogic S905D 2GB and i would like to know what is the device trees of it.


Edit: Sorry it’s your first post.
Welcome :wink:

Thank you for your response and I would like to ask you how to let my box read my card from boot because I am trying to turn off the power and switched in but the boot doesn’t read the card can you help me for that if possible
Freesat GTC S905D Amlogic 2 GB because I would like to run EmuELEC

Follow instructions carefully from HERE
Open a new topic for your hardware with full details on procedure you have used and exactly what happens that stops you from booting CoreELEC via SD card.

Thank you for the response and I will try to run my SD card from boot hope that will help me.
Thank you

I am using EmuELEC 3.5 to run in my SD card from boot
I really can’t do it from my Android box I have tried and doing all the steps as the explanation of your reply but still, anyway thank you for your concern.

hope I am not too off-topic for this thread (sorry if I am !):

I sometimes see that dtb are changed/updated. I have one device on stable and one on nightly but I never did anything to update the dtb. Is that something I have to worry about or are dtbs updated automatically (if something has changed) ?

They are usually updated automatically. Only in very rare and specific case a manual intervention is needed.

Thx! The CE team does a GREAT job, Thank you !!!

Hello, did you use gxl_p231_2g_dvb in your GTC Media box and did it work correctly?

My first comment on the forum.


I’ve just installed CE on my Venz V12 (https://venz.tech/products/v12-ultra) with device tree gxm_q201_3g_1gbit.
Everything works perfectly (WIFI, BT, Ethernet, S/PIDF, USB Keyboard) much stable than customized LE provided by vendor (used to be here: http://venztech.com/le/, now it’s down).

Great job, thanks a lot!!!

As noted in the 9.2.0 thread already:

the sister model for gt king the “orbsmart s86” could also be added to the compatibility list.

It works fine with g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king_rev_a.dtb (actually much better than the same Kodi version on the shipped Android) - if only the remote would work as it does with the default environment…

@cdu13a Can I suggest that the website list this dtb also for “Orbsmart S86”? It took me quite a while to find the correct image…

Thanks for letting us know, @ce-user.
It’s added to the download helper now.

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I have a Mxq Pro 4k with 4gb of RAM. It has a ] RK 3328, any chance there is a DBT for it?

Thank you in advance for all the work you do.

CE is for Arm SoC only, not for Rockchip

Thank you very much.

Is there something similar to CE I could install?

Thank you again

LibreELEC supports Rockchip devices.

do you try install to emmc or you run only from SD. ? thx

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