❓ Which DTB do I use?

OK thanks for info.

Next problem of mine… when I flash to a USB drive, all is well, Windows shows the drive as the two partitions and the COREELEC partition can be browsed as expected. However, when I flash to a microSD card (I’ve tried 2 different ones), the card becomes unreadable in a PC, and despite Rufus saying the flash went fine, in my N2 only the red light comes on, no blue light, nothing on screen. This is an extra microSD card I am trying to set up to test nightlies, I already have a working microSD card that came with the N2 for my daily usage. The cards I’m trying are 32GB class 4 microSDHC cards. Card really needs to be class 10 as per instructions? Maybe the cards are damaged, I’ll buy a new one. They seem to behave OK when formatted for use on the PC.

Flash uSD cards with Etcher.

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Thanks I tried it… flash succeeds OK, but I get the same problem: when I re-insert the uSD card Windows (10) errors with “You need to format the disk in Drive D: before you can use it.”

I think I need to buy a new uSD card.

Try using Low level format to put zero’s on the drive, it will also show up errors


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That is a “perfectly normal Windows behavior:slight_smile: Just IGNORE that message and open Coreelec partition of uSD, that is your root partition containing all necessary startup files

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There is no COREELEC partition to open. I’m guessing this is bad:

Class 4 32gb may well be the issue.

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But that wouldn’t explain why I can’t see the COREELEC partition from Windows 10? The bad blocks mean the card is kaput… bigger problem perhaps.

Move on and get a new up to date class SD Card.
Not worth messing with this SD Card trying to repair it.

H96-P Projector 2Gb/16Gb - S905X
Working wifi, bt and ethernet with the latest nightly 02/04/20

i have bought a android box name Freesat GTC Amlogic S905D 2GB and i would like to know what is the device trees of it.


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Thank you for your response and I would like to ask you how to let my box read my card from boot because I am trying to turn off the power and switched in but the boot doesn’t read the card can you help me for that if possible
Freesat GTC S905D Amlogic 2 GB because I would like to run EmuELEC

Follow instructions carefully from HERE
Open a new topic for your hardware with full details on procedure you have used and exactly what happens that stops you from booting CoreELEC via SD card.

Thank you for the response and I will try to run my SD card from boot hope that will help me.
Thank you

I am using EmuELEC 3.5 to run in my SD card from boot
I really can’t do it from my Android box I have tried and doing all the steps as the explanation of your reply but still, anyway thank you for your concern.

hope I am not too off-topic for this thread (sorry if I am !):

I sometimes see that dtb are changed/updated. I have one device on stable and one on nightly but I never did anything to update the dtb. Is that something I have to worry about or are dtbs updated automatically (if something has changed) ?

They are usually updated automatically. Only in very rare and specific case a manual intervention is needed.

Thx! The CE team does a GREAT job, Thank you !!!

Hello, did you use gxl_p231_2g_dvb in your GTC Media box and did it work correctly?

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