Which s905x2 boxes work out of the box

Hi guys,not very often I get in here! I’ve been running CE on a t95 s905 device for what seems like years without any issues whatsoever it runs like a dream to be fair,I’m looking for an upgrade though as I just bought a 4k hdr tv.
As I’m not technically gifted in this department (I do get there in the end :smile:) I’m just wondering if any of you guys could point me in the right direction of a good s905x2 box that works out of the box?
I was looking at a mecool km9 pro as I believe it’s Google certified so best of both worlds,but scouring these forums I see the bootloader may be locked?
Any help appreciated lads,Google certified isn’t a big issue but if it’s there it’s a bonus.

Google certified today means that it has locked bootloader, so if you want CE avoid that “bonus”.

I got proven wrong with Google Certified Boxes not booting with CE on this forum.

Thanks for reply lads,I knew a locked bootloader would obviously be an issue so that was my concern with buying km9 pro! Is it possible to run CE on it?

Looks like it can but read

Anyway I’ve went ahead and ordered one :joy:,
Kostaman could you provide me a link to which image I burn and dtb please mate? Is it just the generic s905x2 in download section? Does the remote work also?

Is there any suggestions non Google that work straight out of box as I’m after 2 in total :joy:

Cheers mate

Since I don’t trust Mecool I’m not sure that with KM9 will not happen same thing as with Mecool KM8. It came out with unlocked bootloader (Android 8) and Widevine L1. Then it was blacklisted by Netflix and lost Google certification. Then the box was updated to Android 8.1 which had locked bootloader, but never got off NF blacklist.

Do you know if NF 4k works in Android on KM9 Pro ?

Can I ask what box you use please mate?

I use Odroid N2 SBC, Mecool KM8_S905X and X92_S912 boxes…

Are they all good for 4k hdr playback? Is any better than the others? I’d assume the odroid,I’ve got my eye on that and the vim3

Buy It if it’s in your budget.

I use 4k HDR only on N2, so don’t know about others.

Yeah I might wait til the CE edition is back in stock,China in lockdown at the problem might be an issue

*at the moment

gazrob where are you based? I own an N2 and it’s a great box but just a really bad warranty from Hard Kernel.
If you are based in the EU then Pollen is an option to buy if based in the UK then odroid.co.uk is an option. Finally if in North America then ameridroid is an option. With all of these you can get a better warranty. I also own a VIM3L which does 4K playback without any issues but shipping from China right now would be impossible.

Thanks mate I’m in the UK I’ll check it out

Not as cheap as the Hard Kernel website but no import duties and next working day delivery via signed first class post. Its where I brought my N2 from. You can go with the kit or build your own bundle with emmc. If you are wanting HDR10 then you will need to upgrade to the latest nightlies.

Thanks mate, appreciate it