Which s905x2 boxes work out of the box

hi guys could anyone point me in direction of device tree for s905x2 in particular mecool km9 pro 4/32 if possible,ive downloaded generic s905x2 img from installation tool but no device tree linked.

Why would you order S905X2 when X3 is available?

No boxes work out of the box, every box requires some level of configuration, you will need to configure your remote.

The device trees are labeled by SOC and RAM size, it’s pretty straight forward.

Thanks Adam,
I think I’ve got everything burnt and ready to try out when it arrives,in regards to s905x3 I seriously hadn’t heard of this and I’m also not sure how I stumbled upon X2 to be honest mate (I must’ve thought this was the latest)
It’s not very often I do this the last time I did was to flash my t95 s905 ages ago so forgive me if I’m a bit rusty,I’m also after another device for my bedroom so could you recommend an s905x3 box or do I just pic any and use generic image?

I would buy odroid or vim since many devs owns these devices themselfs. And hey, what’s 100 dollars for a device that propably will be used alot - for years.

Yes, thats true.
My TV costs 2.000€, it doesn´t make sense to buy a cheap android box


Depends on which dollars? Australian, Canadian. Also, what is cheap to someone in scandanavia, where the cost of living is high, won’t be the same as someone from Rwanda.

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Alright lads,got CE installed no bother at all on the km9 pro.its not a bad box at all for £50,be nothing without CE though!
Thanks for all the input lads it’s much appreciated

And a massive thanks to the Devs for making it possible, CE is absolutely awesome :+1:t2:

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Hi mate I went purchased the odroid n2 CE edition installed on emmc!
I’ve burnt an android image onto an sd,how do I get it boot? Do I have to remove emmc?
I’m reluctant to as I got a note from odroid saying it will void warranty and to contact support first which I have done but got no reply as of yet probably due to the virus

Ugoos X2 Cube working out of box.
Even more. Ugoos has published image for real dualboot. Both sestems (Android and CE) from eMMC.
Switch via Power option.