Which SD card is better, higher read or write in 4K benchmark?

Thanks!After some research i noticed that my Kingston microSD has really low random speeds.So i will order Sandisk extreme pro (identical to Samsung Evo plus) But how to not buffer videos to mictoSD?

Nothing to do with your SD Card.
Correct answer below

Don’t worry about it unless you have an advancesettings.xml that you created.
In that case you may have created that file with cache to SD Card.
Kodi default settings cache to ram.

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In personal benchmarks the Samsung media I use is always fastest, Samsung NVMe fastest, Samsung USB drives fastest, Samsung SD cards fastest. They just seem to have the market cornered on fast media. In fact their EVO Plus NVMe drives impressively kick the pants off anything except the new PCIe 4.0 stuff which is still very pricey.

One of the devs here told me that running from SD Card doesn’t make a huge difference over eMMC since once stuff is loaded the first time it runs from RAM after that. So you’re not going to get continually faster speeds, only when stuff loads the first time like on boot and the first time menus are pulled up.

Still it is nice to see less lag in load operations when running from eMMC. Though I use an N2 where eMMC is fully supported. In any case a faster SD Card will speed up the system when things have to load. Use an EVO Plus card and get the latest one with the highest speed rating (U3).

thanks mate.I ordered a SanDisk Extreme Pro.My Kingston microSD has just 2MB/S Random read spead.Maybe this is the reason I have some lags on 720p Netflix streaming on Vorke Z6?Sandisk has 4MB/S random write speed.

SD card speed does not have any influence on Netflix streaming.
Internet speed, network speed, router, CE/Kodi background processes, box network card/drivers and video cache all influence NF streaming.
Have you tried with fresh install with only NF addon and video cache settings to see if that helps?

not yet mate. I am newbie to kodi,CE etc and these Cache settings looks Greek to me. (i am also Greek :joy:) Could someone tell me with steps what to do from all these described in the article above?

Between the maximum and sustained transfer rates:

A lot of cards on pages where you can buy them are mistakenly or especially described as they are very fast and it’s true but there are two speeds

The maximum transfer rate of memory cards is only achieved for a small fraction of time when required by the memory card. This is in short bursts, for example when taking a very high resolution photo with a digital camera, the maximum rate is achieved.

The minimum or sustained transfer rates are much lower, for example when transferring a steady stream of data or running a speed test.

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If you are not able to set cache yourself, I can send you advancedsettings.xml file and you just have to download it copy it to proper folder and reboot.

Use this https://github.com/aenemapy/aenemapyrepo/tree/master/zips

addon name is ** EZ Maintenance + **

look at youtube how to use (I recommend automatic setting)

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send it if you want bro Lets try this solution first…

Here it is Advanced Settings with video cache only.

Download, copy with Kodi File Manager to storage/.userdata folder and reboot to take effect.

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u mean storage/. kodi/userdata?

In fact to storage/kodi/.userdata :wink:

I tryied but no difference :thinking:

What is the speed of your internet?

Don’t know how to help you further…
I have relative slow internet speed (from 10Mbits - 40Mbits on 4G depending on the time of the day) but all my boxes (S922x, S912, S905X and S905W) have NO problems at all with NF streaming. S905 and S912 use 720p without any problem, so it is possible, just don’t know what your problem is.
For the next step you should learn how to capture debug logs and post them here and on Netflix addon forum…

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thanks but i will try tomorrow with my New upcoming microSD card cause process seems difficult to me. I have a suspicious that lags may be from magisk.Does anyone had same experience?Also if i convert viper4a, reboot to libreelec,adaway to system apps,will they work ok after i uninstall magisk?

When you get your new uSD card make a fresh install. Do NOT restore anything. Configure Kodi with -> Expert mode -> show hidden files and folders, and so on…
Then install only “repository.castagnait-1.0.0.zip” and from it only latest Netflix addon (V.0.15.5) and nothing else. Then try NF streams if you get the same lag.
If you do still have it, then it’s your internet-router-local network or your hardware to blame - nothing to do with CoreElec-Kodi-Netflix addon. Nor has it anything to do with your Android installation.

Ok I found it!just a sec to post my results!

I am really very glad to announce you that my new sandisk extreme pro made the trick!Not only whole system just flyies wo lags,problems (video not able to resume etc) but now I play netflix on full hd and I can’t notice a single frame drop!!before I was playing at 720p.I noticed the difference in El Camino movie,when on 02:00 the water from lake was lagging a lot.Now is superd!Any way to test it further just to be sure?I heard something about planet earth…

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