Which VPN for Coreelec?

Ok. Also I didn’t see the ‘User Defined’ option in the drop down. I might just give these guys a go. Their website claims BBC iPlayer too, though whether this works for CoreELEC remains to be seen. I’ll report back, cheers.

Now it works for me on CoreELEC (I’m not using BBC) but a few weeks ago it didn’t unlock geographic restrictions.

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I’ve just tried the IplayerWWW addon with openvpn on coreelec using NordVPN connected to Uk server and it works and plays perfectly

Once you have received the OVPN files, you use the setup wizard to directly import them from a chosen folder.

You will find it very easy.

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Well I’ve just signed up for a Surfshark account as they come rated and have an excellent 2 year sub plan. I’m waiting to hear back from them re the OVPN files and we’ll see how we go. Fortunately, like most of these providers, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Thanks all for your help and suggestions.

I’ve downloaded the .ovpn file from Surfshark and have added my login credentials. Used the set-up wizard but I’m getting an error message telling me ‘unrecognised option or missing extra parameters’. I’ve checked the wizard import log and it has successfully imported my .ovpn files to my user defined profile on Kodi. One thing missing is the .crt file. Is this the same as my credentials (urs/pw) that I am currently inserting manually or is this something else I need to get from Surfshark?

The CRT certificate should have been provided automatically with the OVPN files and your provider should have known this.

To configure the vpn I used the Openvpn manager from Zomboided repo. In the Surfshark webpage I looked in the help part for manual install. There they had a page with the files for the locations which I downloaded and the credentials to use in Openvpn. The credentials are not the same as the account ones.

@Vasco - I’ve done all that too and have used the long credential user and password details as well, but I’m still getting this error. Did you include a .crt file when you set up Surfshark?

Another thing, @Vasco, did it matter which OS you chose? Is an openvpn file the same format whichever OS you chose? I downloaded the files under Android.

OK, scrap those last two comments, I figured it out. Now testing BBC

OK, I have tried Surfshark and NordVPN and neither are working for me, I’m afraid. I’m unsure if there are any other global settings in CoreELEC I need to change - is there anything I’ve missed or do I just accept defeat?

No, wait! I’ve got it sorted!

The trick is to go to Add On Settings - Streams - Live CDN Source - change to Limelight

That’s iPlayer working! Now I need to sort out ITV Hub, which doesn’t look like I’ll get done in time for the World Cup Final this afternoon! The problem here is that the plugin hasn’t been updated to allow user credentials to be added.

Am getting around 100mbps d/l speed with nord using the user defined option and the wizard to setup in openvpn, also using the latest cert files. My vm dl is 200 and you should be getting way more than 20mbps speeds.

Choice of cert files to d/l:- shorturl.at/dtAEO

200mbps is megaBITS per second which equates roughly to 20megaBytes per seconds.
I get 20mb/s download speed in BitTorrent for example

i know this is an old thread - but i am just about to start experimenting with VPN

has anything changed since 2019 ?

is the OpenVPN manager from Zomboided still the best way to go?

I have used IPVanish for over two years and OpenVPN via Zomboided all that time. Works fairly flawlessly. Its not great at GeoSpoofing though because it uses a limited range of gateways which the main providers such as the BBC keep a very careful track of and block.
If GeoSpoofing is what you want then you will have to use a service which offers a unique IP address as your tunnel exit point.


Surfshark is another great vpn @£53.14 for 27months and 50% cashback when buying through ‘topcashback’ into my 3rd year now using it with openvpn with excellent results.

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thanks Guys -
question - if i want to use BBC iplayer ( and its not working through the VPN) is it easy to toggle the VPN On/Off ?