Who are you guys? :-)

Hi all!

I am so exited that I found out CoreELEC. I am owner of Odroid C2 for last year+ with Lib on board. I was very pleased about the performance and stability, but with last few months I was feeling that innovative part has started dying there…

And then, while looking for Netflix and HBO Go for kodi I found you :slight_smile:

So, who are you guys?
What is the story behind Core?
Who are main developers?
How can I contribute?


In short CoreELEC is basically LE for Amlogic devices with community patches to enhance support for the myriad of devices that exist.

There was a lot of confusion with users on various forums misinterpreting our releases as official LE releases so we changed the name to give the builds their own identity, unfortunately this was not very well received and we was effectively ostracised from the LE community because of it and so the CoreELEC community was born.

A list of all the people who contribute to CoreELEC can be found here, this is not a complete list though as we have many users who also assist in the community on a regular basis, we also collaborate with the developers of OSMC on common Amlogic issues.

You can contribute via the forums or to our codebase via Github, we regularly invite people to our Slack channel for further collaboration as well.

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