Why CoreElec can't handle this HDR File

Hello everyone,
I wonder why CoreElec cannot play this file correctly.

My TV (KD-65XD7505) shows that an HDR file is being played, but the colors are totally pale.
Enclosed the MediaInfos and a sample file.



Small Sample

Playback on PC is fine.

which hardware/box do you use for CE?

Sorry, forget to post it

Odroid N2 with Coreelec 9.2.3

On my N2 the sample plays correctly, no pale colors.
But I have a SDR-only TV and use the function HDR2SDR=auto in System/Settings/CoreELEC.

Same on my C4.

Somebody with a HDR-TV should test.

3.5Gb is rather a large download size for a sample.

I would recommend the use of the excellent and simple to use avidemux that allows you to take a slice of a file for upload and analysis without losing any quality or re-coding. It’s very quick in operation.

The “sample” is only 4 minutes long, but has a bitrate of over 100Mbps. Therefore the huge size. To avoid this, a re-encode with lower bitrate is necessary.

Tested with HDR-TV

I add a smaller sample to my start post.