Why kernel param CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE must be module?

Hello.I have been troubled by this problem for a long time.
Why kernel config param CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE must be module.
If I change framebuffer console from a module to built in (CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y), the kernel can’t be started by u-boot.So the Coreelec startup failed.Tested on Amlogic-ng (S905X3,S905X4).

I think you already answer yourself.

I want framebuffer console to built in kernel,but if I do so,the kernel startup failed.

Isn’t that the sign that you just can’t do this way?

I found this commit is ok, but the kernel is a little old, the newer kernel from CoreELEC19 or CoreELEC20 can’t change framebuffer console from a module to built in.Is that forbidden or need to tune kernel parameters?

And why would this change be important to CE? It works fine as module for ages. And because it doesn’t even work the other way why is this discussion even needed?

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