Widevine (Netflix )


Is this useable for coreelec? With this workaround we can have widevine support for armv7 devices and finally stream hd content.

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I can stream HD content without this “hack” on my N2; Netflix in 1080p software decoded and HBO_Go 1080p hardware decoded, so why would I need this? Besides, it only works with Chromium which is not available in CE…
On CE (Arm devices) Widevine is extracted from Chromium which is deleted after WV installation, so this hack is not needed.

Question is how long it will last until Netflix closes the gap? :wink:

When they invent their own DRM system and stop using Google Widevine :wink:


This is no “hack”. It’s the same way Netflix is supported in Kodi currently. It looks to me like clickbait.

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